Om Waleed

“Food is at the heart of everything I do. It brings friends and family together, it also brings comfort to the soul. My cooking constantly evolves, bringing my own take and style to the food of my heritage.”

Renowned Chef and restauranteur Om Waleed (Yvonne Osman), is Executive Chef and Creative Director at Fait Maison based at the flagship Salon de Thé branch in Gloucester Road, SW7. Her menu and dishes are based on traditional homemade Middle-Eastern food, referencing the unique combination of her paternal Palestinian and maternal German heritage.

Her father’s knowledge of middle-eastern cooking skills was remarkable; from a very young age she loved to watch and help him in the kitchen, perfecting the art of combining and balancing spices. Her mother’s cooking was also extraordinary, not only in taste but also in presentation, food that was very much a feast for the eyes. Decoration and presentation played a massive part of their home life which is clearly reflected in the sumptuous interiors, created by Om Waleed at Fait Maison.

Yvonne has worked tirelessly to bring about a new food revolution at Fait Maison. She’s always experimenting with culinary flavours, bringing her unique flare and panache to everything she does, creating her very own distinctive take on many traditional favourites. Outside of the kitchen, she is also passionate and hugely active in encouraging, empowering and supporting other women in business. She also has a passion for fashion, which she attributes to her elegant Grandmother, who was always utterly chic and immaculate in everything she did.

Om Waleed’s menu includes a variety of dishes of the day, dependant on the season, along with a host of homemade favourites, including renowned house favourites – Hamsa, Kebda and Shakshouka. You can follow Om Waleed’s journey on her Snapchat and Instagram feeds.

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