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Chocolate and Hazelnut Cupcake

We’re hoping that the winter months are behind us. With that hope in mind, one of our pastry chefs in our West London Fait Maison kitchen has brought out a deliciously light chocolate cupcake. The cupcake itself has been kept simple and plain, though the indulgence comes with a thin drizzle of chocolate and scattered… Read more »

The Art of the Coffee

The world of latte art is a growing and increasingly creative bubble, sprouting from the skills of the humble barista. It used to be that we were quite satisfied with just a really good quality coffee, and whilst that is definitely still the case – especially in Fait Maison, we’ve also become a little obsessed… Read more »

Post Easter Detox

Days after the Easter indulgence, and we’ve all put on a sufficient enough of weight – it’s about the perfect time for a little internal detox. And whilst at Fait Maison, we do love our cakes and buttery croissants, we’re also completely into our freshly squeezed juices. At this time of the year, you wouldn’t… Read more »

Panettone Pudding

The panettone pudding is a much loved and hearty pudding in Fait Maison, one that our executive head chef, Mohamed El-Banna, is very proud of.  It all started over a year ago in Miller of Kensington, just across the road from our Kensington branch.  Every year for Christmas, our executive head chef orders boxes of… Read more »

Two a penny hot cross buns!

So whilst no longer two a penny, but having long been an Easter tradition, the hot cross bun has finally arrived in all its’ spiced and fruity goodness. The traditional recipe of hot cross buns can be dated as far back as the 18th century in London. Unfortunately we can’t date ourselves back that far… Read more »

Pistachio Meringues

Since the day they first came out of our ovens and into the Fait Maison cafes based in West London, the huge tower of meringues have been a great success. A definite feast for the eyes, they’ve tempted the inner child from even the most astute individual. The most popular of which are the luscious… Read more »

Recipe of the month: Curly Kale and Celeriac

Curly kale and cerleriac has been one of this month’s favourites here at Fait Maison, and certainly turned a few heads with both the staff and our customers. As one of the most nutritionally rich vegetables grown in Britain, curly kale has a rather earthy flavour that works exceptionally well with roasted celeriac, and provides… Read more »

Valentine’s Menu. Lovingly designed, lovingly prepared…

I think on a Valentine’s day any one of us, be it a man or a woman, would like anything that involves some thought of preparation and thought, even if it’s remembering to snag a reservation at the cozy romantic restaurant such as Fait Maison. This year we would like to mark the occasion with… Read more »

Fait Maison Christmas Opening Times

Fait Maison is wishing all its customers happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. May the ringing bells of Christmas fill your life with music of happiness and joy! May your holidays be the brightest and something to remember and your new year full of hope! Please, be aware about our Christmas opening times. Fait… Read more »

Fait Maison Christmas Menu. Catering in West London

What can be tastier than Fait Maison mouth-watering dishes created especially for Christmas using fresh, seasonal ingredients? From best traditional roast turkey to hand cooked roast vegetables and delicious homemade mince pies. Fait Maison can provide it all to make your celebration a memorable stress-free experience. Please, pop in at any Fait Maison restaurant in… Read more »