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Recipe of the month – Summer Slaw

It’s a safe assumption to say that come summer time and the sun actually appears, salads play a fairly large role in our eating habits – that and a lot of barbecued meat. And at the peak of the season, it seemed the perfect time to bring out a new dish of ours that’s making… Read more »

Royal Baby Cupcakes

In honour of the new addition to the Windsor family, Fait Maison is celebrating the arrival of HRH Prince George of Cambridge with special ‘royal blue’ cupcakes for a week in all of our branches. To find out more about the possibility of having customised cupcakes amongst other desserts, have a look at our dessert… Read more »

Happy Birthday Fait Maison

Last weekend marked our 10th anniversary and we celebrated with balloons, hats and lots of cake. It has been an amazing 10 years and with several shops across West London, we are extremely proud to be where we are. We have to thank all of the employees that have been with us for so long,… Read more »

Recipe of the month – Pea and mint croquette

Our head chef is putting together a new summer menu, but here’s a sneak peak recipe of one of the items that’s a strong contender for the end of July. It’s a classic combination of green peas and fresh mint in a deliciously light, fresh croquette, served with a delicate mint yoghurt. Makes 12 Ingredients… Read more »

A day in the kitchen

Our kitchens are having a bit of a shake around, so here’s one last look at our chefs at work before the big move.

Sugar snap peas & sweetheart cabbage salad

A little known fact about cabbage – did you know it has been used to treat hangovers, and in some cases, thought to actually prevent the effects of alcohol? Well, whilst we’re not entirely sure of such benefits, the sweetheart cabbage used in this summer salad works a treat on satisfying most stomachs and taste… Read more »

Recipe of the month – Summer salmon with a miso dressing

Here at Fait Maison, we do our best to keep as seasonal as possible, but also recently realised that our salmon dish needed a serious revamp. Now, whilst salmon is not particularly seasonal to June, it is available quite easily throughout most of the year and makes a great alternative to a salad that is… Read more »

Introducing – Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Have you ever considered putting together a lemon meringue pie (or tart) with a cupcake? It takes a little bit of extra effort, but our chefs took inspiration and decided to combine a lemon poppy seed cake with one of our old favourites – the lemon meringue tart. The result? A delightfully light cupcake poppy… Read more »

Courgette Fritters – Fait Maison Recipe

As one of our many talents here at Fait Maison, we also provide outside catering for events such as birthdays, business functions and weddings. And quite recently we catered for a beautiful wedding in Ealing town hall, which we were very proud of. The menu was tailored to meet the couple’s requests and the food… Read more »

Chargrilled Asparagus and Rocket Salad

At Fait Maison, we’re all about taking advantage of seasonal ingredients, especially vegetables. The moment the sun comes out and we know winter is behind us, the kitchen is on top of any vegetable that isn’t about ‘warming the cockles of your soul’. Now it’s about fresh, green and oh so good for you. The… Read more »