Fait Maison Christmas Opening Times

Fait Maison is wishing all its customers happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.
May the ringing bells of Christmas fill your life with music of happiness and joy! May your holidays be the brightest and something to remember and your new year full of hope!

Please, be aware about our Christmas opening times.

Fait Maison in 3 Stratford Road
24 December: Open till 1pm
25-26 December: Closed
27-30 December: Open till 4pm
31 December: Open till 2pm
1 January: Closed

Fait Maison in 245 Goldhawk Road
24 December: Open till 1pm
25 December-1 January: Closed

Fait Maison in Ravenscourt Park
25-26 December, 1 January: Closed

Fait Maison in 50 Gloucester Road
24 December: Open till 3pm
25-26 December, 1 January: Closed

Fait Maison Christmas Menu. Catering in West London

What can be tastier than Fait Maison mouth-watering dishes created especially for Christmas using fresh, seasonal ingredients? From best traditional roast turkey to hand cooked roast vegetables and delicious homemade mince pies. Fait Maison can provide it all to make your celebration a memorable stress-free experience. Please, pop in at any Fait Maison restaurant in West London to discuss your personal requirements or email info@www.fait-maison.co.uk to place your order.

Fait Maison Christmas Menu

Focaccia topped as requested £2.50
Sundried tomato with fennel seeds £2.50
Salt and Rosemary £2.50

Corn Chowder £4.50
Fish soup lightly flavoured with saffron £4.50

MAIN COURSE (ready to cook) minimum 5 kg bird
Norfolk Black Turkey (organic)
Whole Free Range bronze turkey
Ready to cook/Half cooked/Fully Cooked £11.75 per kg*
Breast of Free Range Turkey £20.50 per kg
Fillet steak sealed and spiced (min 4 ppl) £45.00 per kg
Queens Roast (8-10 ppl) Goose stuffed with duck, pheasant ad quail, beautifully spiced and lightly stuffed £145
Kings Roast (8-10 ppl)
Turkey stuffed with chicken, pheasant and quail, with herbs apricot and walnut stuffing £125

* £25 is added for cooking

MAIN COURSE (ready cooked)
Lamb shank oriental style £10.50
Organic salmon char-grilled and topped with salsa £7.95
Corn fed poussin char-grilled with orange and lemon £9.00 (each)

Sour dough stuffing with:
– sausage meat
– apricot and walnuts
– chestnut stuffing
– sage and onions

Or your choice of stuffing

Roasted butternut squash £4.50
Roast root vegetables £4.50
Organic mash potato with garlic, olive and parsley £4.50
Mange tout, broad beans with fresh mint dressing £4.50

Mince pie £1.40
Buche de noel (8-10 ppl) chocolate/coffee/praline £30.00
Chocolate truffle £35.00

Fait Maison Thanksgiving Menu. Catering service in West London

Be joyful, be thankful, say thanks!

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” Melody Beattie
Make it a Happy Thanksgiving for all your family members including yourself with Fait Maison well thought Thanksgiving menu.
Please, pop in at any Fait Maison branch in West London to discuss your personal requirements or email info@www.fait-maison.co.uk to place your order.
Be joyful, be thankful, say thanks!

Fait Maison Goes Pink in the fight against breast cancer

Fait Maison Pink Cake Sale as a part of its fundraising event

Impressive pink macaroon tower

We are proud to announce that our Go Pink fundraising event was a tremendous success. A stunning Pink Cake Sale, beautifully decorated premises and educational leaflets distributed among the public have helped Fait Maison fundraising team to increase awareness about breast cancer and to raise £450 which were forwarded to the pioneering charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Raspberry and rose cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, strawberry and cream cake… To mention just a few…

Raspberry and rose cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, strawberry and cream cake… To mention just a few…[/caption]Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a pioneering charity leading the fight against breast cancer by developing new treatments and campaigning for better services for patients. Money raised by West London restaurant Fait Maison will be spent on this vital research and educational work.
Fait Maison fundraising team

Fait Maison fundraising team

Approximately 70% of all our customers are ladies. They are all so beautiful, and they are all so precious. For that very reason supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer was so important to us.

5 facts about breast cancer and why Fait Maison Go Pink

Fact No 1: Breast cancer is sudden. It comes in quietly, hides for a while and then announces its presence in a very loud and nasty voice.

Fact No 2: Breast cancer is scary. It crosses all your future plans and aspirations. And the fear of possible death blanks your mind.

Fact No 3: Breast cancer is painful. And physical pain is just the tip of the iceberg. Huge, disastrous iceberg, that is going to devastate your friends and bring sadness and despair into the life of your family.

Fact No 4: Breast cancer is greedy. It takes away your spirit, your belief. And in the long run if it manages to beat you, it takes your life.


Fact No 5: Breast cancer is CURABLE. And survival chances depend on manifold factors, which every woman has to be aware of – early detection and screening, appropriate treatment program, professional medical team and of course, moral support of the people you love.

Fait Maison would like to promote breast cancer awareness and support research in this area, and that’s why we have decided to organize a Go Pink fundraising event in our Gloucester Road traiteur, South West London. On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October, 2012 we are going to decorate with pink, wear pink, talk pink, sell pink…

Because pink is the colour of courage, and pink is the colour of hope.

A Portuguese Tradition That Has Become a Fait Maison Edition

After years of working for Fait Maison, being constantly surrounded by delectable goodness, I can assure you I am still not tired of what I consider to be the best part of my day. Treat time comes in the form of soft, supple custard and sweet, smooth caramel – known to all as the Custard and Caramel tart. Here in Fait Maison it is considered an official best seller.

Resulting from a slight modification to the original Pastel de Nata recipe, this little treat is very popular amongst, not only the Portuguese, but the local residents across the entire Fait Maison umbrella. A universally appealing taste that takes favour with all.

Historical sources say that pastéis de nata was created before the 18th century by Catholic monks in Lisbon. At the time egg whites were demanded in large quantities both for starching clothes and in the clearing of wines, which left many egg yolks unused and resulted in proliferation of sweet pastry recipes throughout the country. Here at Fait Maison, we’d like to think we’ve improved the recipe even further by adding a thin, delicate layer of caramel that sits just beneath the custard. So that every bite is sweetened with the delightful dribble of caramel sauce.

Irresistible? Well, we’d certainly like to think so.

Is it that time of the day yet?!

If you would like to see what West London restaurant Fait Maison can offer you as a perfect treat, please check out our dessert menu.

Done to a Tea

Quality Tea Fait Maison, West LondonAccording to Henry James, ‘there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea’. That’s why you have to make sure, that it’s pure perfection. Especially, if you are in England… Especially, if you are at Fait Maison…
Being an integral element of British culture and an outstanding product in the company’s portfolio, tea is enjoyed by Fait Maison connoisseurs in all its forms: hot, iced, frappe… Creativity has no boundaries. Preparation is merely a question of taste, and of weather conditions.
Taking the tea experience very seriously, Fait Maison has chosen an outstanding brand with a ‘flavourful’ history, dating back to 1873. Eilles is top quality whole and broken leaf tea with distinctive aroma profiles. Bio Darjeeling Imperial Second Flush Leaf, Bio Green Tea Jasmine Leaf, Bio Natural Fruits and Herbal Garden to mention just a few.
Each cup represents an imaginary voyage – one that will lead you to the most heavenly of places.
Quality Tea Fait Maison West London

Amanda’s Action Club at Ravenscourt Park 2012

Amanda's Actions Club

Amanda's Actions Club

Spring into action with Amanda’s Action Kids – let your little ones jump around at these lively, energetic and great fun activity sessions; the perfect way to let off some steam. Summer classes will resume in June on Thursday 14th 4pm – 4.45pm (£8 for 1 child and £14 for 2). www.amandasactionclub.co.uk

If you run children’s classes or events and would be interested in running a class at Fait Maison please contact iryna – iryna@www.fait-maison.co.uk

Indian Summer & Ice Cream

Indian Summer & Ice Cream

Indian Summer & Ice Cream

As we roll well into September we’re far too easily reminded of autumn. Orange leaves, cooler days and much colder evenings; roast pumpkin salads and soups, everything taking on a tinge of ‘warmth’.

Yet, as a mini heat surge is due to hit this week, London based Fait Maison has yet to let go of summer and displays an array of colourful gelato. You can take it simple and swoon for a scoop of Vanilla, made with touches of vanilla pod. Or you can believe we’re still in the summer month of strawberries.

But nothing says ‘cool me down’ than a glorious helping of Mint Choc Chip, decorated with a crunch of wafer. Two scoops will do just fine, and don’t forget to break the rules with syrups and sprinkles!

After all, the customer is always right.

If you would like to see more what West London caterer Fait Maison can offer you in terms of desserts, please check out our cakes and patisserie menu

Indian Summer & Ice Cream

Indian Summer & Ice Cream

Smoked Chicken & Mango Salad

Smoked Chicken & Mango Salad

Smoked Chicken & Mango Salad

Our opening recipe of the summer season is one that is sure to get the mouth watering, and was launched in our Gloucester Road branch, South West London not too long ago. Welcomed with open arms and many a standing ovation, we decided it was the perfect recipe to share with our customers. And with bright, beautiful colours adoring this dish, it would make any summer lunch a treat on the eyes as well as the stomach.

A funny story actually came attached with this particular salad, and not one that usually happens in our kitchens.

Our executive head chef also happens to run an organic butcher shop, Miller of Kensington, where all our halal meat is sourced and where our kitchen is based. It just so happened that one day, for no feasible reason, one of the smoked chickens that came in with an order had been delivered with a missing leg!

It obviously doesn’t happen every day and he was a bit at a loss with what to do with it. It couldn’t be returned and definitely couldn’t be sold, well the only thing he could think of was to make it into a salad. After all, everyone loves a smoked chicken salad. And as it was a day of coincidences he also had a few green mangoes lying around that had been neglected for being ‘too green’ to eat. Well, they weren’t inedible, but being a family of exotic fruits, they weren’t soft Indian mangoes that were desired.

Waste not want not, as the saying goes. Or in this case, waste not sell not. Add in a bit of foody inspiration and half an hour in the kitchen, and the salad was born!

Serves 5-6 people.

So what you’ll need:-

– 1 medium sized smoked chicken (buy ready smoked)
– 1 cooking mango from south America (Indian mangoes are too soft)
– half a kilo of heritage tomatoes or any good quality tomatoes (check out your local farmer’s market)
– 200g of wild rocket
– 200g of lambs lettuce

For the dressing
– 100g moscavado sugar or dark brown sugar
– 3 tablespoons of sherry vinegar
– 4 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
– 2 tablespoons of dijion mustard
– 100ml of olive oil
– salt and pepper to season

You want to remove the skin and bones of the chicken, slicing the meat into finger sized pieces or ‘julienned’ as they say. Peel the mango and slice it a bit thinner than the chicken pieces, and keep it rough. We want nice biteable pieces in our salad, not hard to find slivers. Then rough slice your tomatoes – remove nothing – and mix with the chicken and mango in a large bowl.

Place all the ingredients for the dressing in a separate bowl and mix well, then add the dressing to the chicken and mango, using your hands to mix the dressing and salad together before refrigerating. Keep refrigerated until you need it, then add in the rocket and lambs lettuce.

One final mix with your hands and it’s ready to serve!

You can check out more of our salads here.

Smoked Chicken & Mango Salad

Smoked Chicken & Mango Salad