Recipe of the month – Fait Maison Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate 4

The ultimate in soothing hot drinks has got to be a smooth, silky hot chocolate. It warms the cockles of one’s soul, and has the magic ability to make everything better, if only for the moment. Now, we’re not in the habit of giving away our secrets to making you feel good, but we think this may be a good ‘one off’, as everyone deserves to have delicious hot chocolate available in their own homes. If you don’t want us to make for you instead that is.

And actually it couldn’t be easier, as we’re all about simplicity.

It all starts by making a ganache type mix with chocolate drops and double cream, that will keep in your fridge for up to a week. And each time you want to make a cup of hot chocolate, you add a tablespoon of the mix to your mug, and add hot milk – then stir until perfection.

75% dark chocolate drops
Double cream
Semi-skimmed milk

You’ll note that there are no quantities to the above ingredient’s list, as it will vary from person to person in terms of how much you’ll want to make. For a decently dark hot chocolate, you’ll want equal parts dark chocolate drops to double cream. If you want a milkier chocolate, then have a higher ratio of double cream to chocolate drops. So start by melting the chocolate drops in a bain marie (a glass bowl of a pan of simmering/boiling water) then slowly add the double cream, whisking continuously so that the mixture doesn’t split. Whisk until you reach a nice, thick consistency before leaving to cool.

When the mixture is cool completely, transfer to a container that can be covered and kept in the fridge for a week. And as mentioned before, when needed, use a tablespoon of the chocolate mix with hot milk to make one cup of the perfect hot chocolate. No more powdered mix for you!