Wedding Catering on a Budget

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the food, and everyone wants the best. These days however, food is getting more and more expensive, and not everyone wants to blow their entire wedding budget on a meal. So as seasoned caterers, for both weddings and other special occasions, we at Fait Maison have devised some tips to suit all kinds of budgets.

wedding catering

Catering on a shoestring

The biggest tip if you need to cater for your wedding on a small budget is to shop around and negotiate. It will help if you come with a plan and an idea of what you want but be realistic. If you want a beef dish, then compromise and ask if they can use a cheaper cut and avoid a fillet or sirloin steak.

Asking for a buffet set up is also a cheaper option, which we do really well, than a three course sit down service – predominantly because it requires less serving staff.

Also, take into consideration seasonal produce. Talk to your caterer about designing a menu that uses ingredients which will be in season, and therefore cheaper. There is however, a fine line here, because if it’s ‘new season’ then it can be a bit more expensive. That said, your caterer and the chef should be well versed in this to give you the best advice.

 The relative budget

Typically, an ‘average’ budget or ‘medium’ budget is completely subjective and relative to each couple.  So it’s important to come with a plan of what you’d really like and what you can do without. Generally with these caterings, we talk to our clients about a three-course meal and within it, have a stand out main course with simple starters and desserts. In our case we often recommend an easy Chocolate and Raspberry slice, or a Custard and Caramel Tart.

To help not go over budget, check how much the company charges for equipment hire, as that sometimes seems to be forgotten amongst everything. If your venue doesn’t provide plates, cutlery etc, then the catering company will have to provide it and it’s often extra. All of Fait Maison’s wedding caterings are inclusive of equipment hire in our packages, which we make clear from the beginning.

Sky’s the limit

wedding cateringThere are many things you can do to go above and beyond with the catering. Our favourite option is to add canapés to the menu – something for the guests to nibble on. We do delicious little marinated beef fillet strips in filo pastry, or new potatoes with caviar.

wedding catering

Adding extra to the dessert section is always a nice touch as well, and we have many clients who add macaroons as petites fours. They also make sweet little wedding favours.

With an endless budget, this is the perfect opportunity to go all out on service and do the full sit down dinner silver service. It generally means that guests don’t have to get up until it’s time to dance!

As an added service, we can also provide our in-house wedding planner to design and dress the tables at your venue, as well as create visually stunning ‘sweet corners’ laden with meringues and macaroons.