Month: June 2013

A day in the kitchen

Our kitchens are having a bit of a shake around, so here’s one last look at our chefs at work before the big move.

Sugar snap peas & sweetheart cabbage salad

A little known fact about cabbage – did you know it has been used to treat hangovers, and in some cases, thought to actually prevent the effects of alcohol? Well, whilst we’re not entirely sure of such benefits, the sweetheart cabbage used in this summer salad works a treat on satisfying most stomachs and taste… Read more »

Recipe of the month – Summer salmon with a miso dressing

Here at Fait Maison, we do our best to keep as seasonal as possible, but also recently realised that our salmon dish needed a serious revamp. Now, whilst salmon is not particularly seasonal to June, it is available quite easily throughout most of the year and makes a great alternative to a salad that is… Read more »