The Art of the Coffee

Great Coffee

The world of latte art is a growing and increasingly creative bubble, sprouting from the skills of the humble barista. It used to be that we were quite satisfied with just a really good quality coffee, and whilst that is definitely still the case – especially in Fait Maison, we’ve also become a little obsessed with our coffee’s appearance.

More specifically our latte.

As well as great food, the baristas in our West London cafes have also fine-tuned the quality of our hot drinks. And satisfied that we are producing some great tasting coffee, their talents have now been turned to the world of art.  After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Though the skill in which they use perfectly formed foam to create various shapes and forms on the surface of the coffee itself, is one that takes a great amount of patience and practice.

Take a look at the kind of art our cafes are pulling out of their hats.

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