Panettone Pudding

Panettone puddingThe panettone pudding is a much loved and hearty pudding in Fait Maison, one that our executive head chef, Mohamed El-Banna, is very proud of.  It all started over a year ago in Miller of Kensington, just across the road from our Kensington branch.  Every year for Christmas, our executive head chef orders boxes of panettone and pandoro to sell across all our branches. However, one year he realised he had over ordered by about 15 boxes, which weren’t going to be easily shifted.

Incidentally, whilst flicking through an Anton Mossiman recipe book, he had come across a beautiful and deliciously creamy recipe for a bread and butter pudding. So it was a natural conclusion that if the stale bread could be substituted with the panettone and the recipe mildly adjusted, the end product should be an equally deliciously creamy take on a bread and butter pudding.

What you’ll need:

Oven proof deep dish (30cm x 8cm)
10 whole eggs
2 extra egg yolks
450g caster sugar
500ml whole milk
1.1 litres double cream
1 vanilla pod
A pinch of salt
750g of panettone or pandoro
(if using pandoro you will need the following extra ingredients)
A handful of raisins
A handful of caramelised orange peel
And a handful of cracked mixed nuts

Pre heat the oven to 170oC or 160oC if fan assisted.

Grease the oven proof dish with olive oil or butter, then slice the panettone so that it’s about the same thickness of thickly sliced bread. Lay out each slice within the dish so that they stand and over lap each other. Heat the milk, cream, vanilla and salt in a saucepan, making sure you don’t bring the mixture to a boil. In a bowl, mix the eggs and sugar until both are combined well, the sugar’s dissolved and the egg takes on a paler colour. Gradually begin to add the heated milk and cream, a bit at a time time, mixing as you go. At this point you want to be vigilant, as adding too much too quickly could scramble the eggs.

Once combined, pour the mixture carefully over the sliced panettone. Fill a separate roasting dish with hot water, one that’s bigger than the dish you’re baking your panettone in so that it can sit inside (a bain marie). Then put the whole dish with the panettone into the bain marie and place in an oven for 55 minutes.

When ready it should have a slight wobble to its’ consistency and should firm up a bit more as it cools down. Let it rest for ten minutes before brushing the top with either apricot jam or marmalade, which incidentally can be bought home-made at our Fait Maison branches.

A note: Heat the marmalade or jam first with a little hot water to give it a little slip when brushing over the pudding.

Panettone pudding