Two a penny hot cross buns!

Hot Cross BunsSo whilst no longer two a penny, but having long been an Easter tradition, the hot cross bun has finally arrived in all its’ spiced and fruity goodness. The traditional recipe of hot cross buns can be dated as far back as the 18th century in London. Unfortunately we can’t date ourselves back that far but we’re certain our chef’s skill and experience count for something.

Fait Maison tends to stick to tradition on this one, meaning we bring them in in the few weeks leading up to Easter; generally lingering no longer than the week after. That way they stay something of a treat.

This year, we did toy briefly with the idea of trying out different flavours in our buns. But decided that since every other place is adding their twist – from adding apples to chocolate – we’d stick to what we know works best.

Hot Cross Bunsimage(3)