5 facts about breast cancer and why Fait Maison Go Pink

Fact No 1: Breast cancer is sudden. It comes in quietly, hides for a while and then announces its presence in a very loud and nasty voice.

Fact No 2: Breast cancer is scary. It crosses all your future plans and aspirations. And the fear of possible death blanks your mind.

Fact No 3: Breast cancer is painful. And physical pain is just the tip of the iceberg. Huge, disastrous iceberg, that is going to devastate your friends and bring sadness and despair into the life of your family.

Fact No 4: Breast cancer is greedy. It takes away your spirit, your belief. And in the long run if it manages to beat you, it takes your life.


Fact No 5: Breast cancer is CURABLE. And survival chances depend on manifold factors, which every woman has to be aware of – early detection and screening, appropriate treatment program, professional medical team and of course, moral support of the people you love.

Fait Maison would like to promote breast cancer awareness and support research in this area, and that’s why we have decided to organize a Go Pink fundraising event in our Gloucester Road traiteur, South West London. On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October, 2012 we are going to decorate with pink, wear pink, talk pink, sell pink…

Because pink is the colour of courage, and pink is the colour of hope.