A Portuguese Tradition That Has Become a Fait Maison Edition

After years of working for Fait Maison, being constantly surrounded by delectable goodness, I can assure you I am still not tired of what I consider to be the best part of my day. Treat time comes in the form of soft, supple custard and sweet, smooth caramel – known to all as the Custard and Caramel tart. Here in Fait Maison it is considered an official best seller.

Resulting from a slight modification to the original Pastel de Nata recipe, this little treat is very popular amongst, not only the Portuguese, but the local residents across the entire Fait Maison umbrella. A universally appealing taste that takes favour with all.

Historical sources say that pastéis de nata was created before the 18th century by Catholic monks in Lisbon. At the time egg whites were demanded in large quantities both for starching clothes and in the clearing of wines, which left many egg yolks unused and resulted in proliferation of sweet pastry recipes throughout the country. Here at Fait Maison, we’d like to think we’ve improved the recipe even further by adding a thin, delicate layer of caramel that sits just beneath the custard. So that every bite is sweetened with the delightful dribble of caramel sauce.

Irresistible? Well, we’d certainly like to think so.

Is it that time of the day yet?!

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