Fait Maison cater for events large and small, birthday parties, weddings, christenings, lunches and dinner parties. We are truly committed to creating the freshest, most delicious food that is healthy, nutritious, wholesome and simply bursting with flavour.

Party Catering

Fait Maison can cater for you at home, providing all the food & the plates, if you would like us to. Talk us through the types of food you like and choose your menu, from canapés to astonishingly good deserts.

Wedding Planning

Our wedding planning service has been created to take the stress out of your wedding day. Our wedding planner, Yvonne, is highly organised with a great network of contacts and suppliers.

Weddings & Occasions

So much goes into the planning of a wedding and the food you chose to serve at your reception is a central part of the whole day. Fait Maison will work with you to create the menu that suits you.